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The new YGUS Steering Committee is interested in hearing more from YOU! To get involved with caucus decision-making, please visit our new “Discussions” page. We’ll be posting updates periodically, so be sure to check in regularly.

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YGUS 2016 Election Results

The YGUS Steering Committee Elections have come to a close, and the winners have accepted their positions. The new YGUS Steering Committee is comprised of the following individuals:
Ursula Rozum, NY
Asher Platts, ME
Christopher Cariad, KY
Robert Smith, MD
Joshua Kelly, CT
William Gunger, NY
NC Delegate:
Michael Trudeau, NC
NC Alternate:
Michael Dennis, NC
Thank you to everyone that ran and voted in the election! The new Steering Committee aims to be much more active and engaged with the Caucus this year, so expect to hear from us soon!
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YGUS 2016 Elections

The next YGUS elections will be held in January, 2016. The nomination period is now open: please fill out this form to nominate yourself to serve on the Steering Committee of the YGUS. Only registered members of the group may run for one of the positions. The nomination period ends at 11:59pm on Friday, January 15th. We hope you’ll consider taking on a leadership role!

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The Young Greens US Stand With Scotland

With the historic vote for Scottish independence less than 10 days away, the Young Greens of the United States express their solidarity with the Scottish people.

The vote for independence is very much in line with Green values. It will allow Scotland to have more control over its own affairs internationally, rather than be treated merely as an extension of the United Kingdom.

We would also extend that same solidarity to Wales and Northern Ireland, if they eventually decide to take a similar path.

This issue may not be given as much attention as it deserves outside of Europe, but its significance should not be underestimated.  This represents a nonviolent path to further democracy through a democratic process itself.

Other nations can and should follow in Scotland’s example here, regardless of whether or not this initiative succeeds. Whereas the government of the United States may not stand with us on this issue, we hope that our Scottish counterparts can take comfort in our support.

Evan Lyne, Co-Chair
Tyler Beloin, National Delegate

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Join us!


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