Printable Resources – Earth Day 2016

Change the System, Not the Climate!

Earth Day is a great opportunity to let your community about the Green Party and our Presidential candidate Jill Stein. Below are the materials you will need for successful outreach at Earth Day events to let your friends and community know that the Greens put people and planet first. We want nothing less than ending all fossil fuel extraction and converting to 100% clean renewable energy by 2030. This is the FIRST ever Young Greens US Earth Day Everyday Toolkit – we would love your help in making it more effective and useful for our Young Greens community. Contact ursula.rozum(@)

2016 Earth Day Everyday Tabling Toolkit:

Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 11.59.19 AMYoung Greens signup sheet (meet people interested in joining you in Green Party organizing on your campus or your town – ask for contact info so you can follow up!)

Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 12.01.14 PMJill Stein half sheet flier (most printers have double sided printing – be sure to “flip” on the short edge!)




Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 12.02.27 PMOutreach signs to bring attention to your table: vertical table sign horizontal sign (you can hang this behind or in front of your table so people know what you are up to!)


Below you can find the Young Greens “Campus Organizing 101” guide. This will help you start a Young Greens chapter on your campus. Please email us at with any questions or support that you may need.

Young Greens bookmark– print on cardstock!


* * * * *
Other Resources:

Why the Green Party? by Asher Platts, Youth Caucus co-chair
Using the 10 Key Values by Cam Gordon, Minneapolis City Council
198 Methods of Non-Violent Resistance

The Young Greens of the United States are currently in the process of creating more resources for#Jill SteinCampus Greens chapters to utilize. Let us know if you would like to help or have further ideas.

Green Party US YouTube
Young Greens YouTube

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Results of Youth Caucus Primary

Presidential Vote Results

Official Vote Results from Youth Caucus Presidential Primary Vote:
88 ballots cast.
16 ineligible (not registered with Youth Caucus)
72 counting ballots
Jill Stein: 66 votes. ~92%
Sedinam Kinamo Christin Moyowasixfza Curry: 2 votes, ~3%
Kent Mesplay: 2 votes, ~3%
Bill Kreml: 1 vote, ~1%
No Preference (Results in Unaffiliated Delegates): 1 vote, ~1%
Darryl Cherney: 0 votes.
Through proportional allocation, Jill Stein receives both (2) Youth Caucus delegates to the Presidential Nominating Convention in Houston, TX.
Thanks to ALL the candidates for their work in building the Green Party, and especially to those who responded to our Youth Caucus questionnaire.
Additionally, with 16 ballots cast for Jill Stein from members who were not registered for the Youth Caucus, the Young Greens Steering Committee will be working with the Stein campaign moving forward to ensure that her youth supporters are integrated and welcomed into our GPUS caucus.
We welcome continued collaboration with all Green candidates at national, state, and local levels as well as with Green Party elders who wish to help support the Young Greens movement. Young Greens are rising: all hands on deck.
Mike Dennis, Alternate Delegate
on behalf of Youth Caucus Steering Committee
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Youth Caucus Organizes for #MillionStudentMarch

The Youth Caucus and the Green Party US have both endorsed the Million Student March. The Green Party is the only national party that supports all demands. Please join us on 3/30 for a conference call to organize for the march12792334_550951025080158_3361912907325854751_o:
You’ve heard the statistics, right? Nationwide education debt is at about $1.2 trillion dollars – an amount that keeps too many of us trapped living paycheck to paycheck while we make our monthly student loan payments. Meanwhile, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have cost US taxpayers upwards of $1.6 trillion dollars and immeasurable death and devastation to the people of the Middle East. The system is rigged to favor the banks, the military contractors, and the for-profit colleges. Don’t you agree it’s time to change the system?

Imagine our movement rolling back the neoliberal attack on public education by WINNING free college at public universities, forcing the government to forgive of our loans, and achieving living wages for all campus workers.

That’s what we are building towards. That’s why the Young Greens have signed on to the Million Student March, a national movement with three simple demands:
1) Free public college education
2) Forgiveness of student loan debt – a student loan jubilee!
3) $15 minimum wage for campus workers

It’s up to us to to articulate the just future we deserve, and that includes higher education without a lifetime of debt. We won’t change the system overnight, but it’s up to all of us to get to work, together, to make sure that we are heard, on our campus, in our cities, and in our local media. Join the Million Student March on April 13!

Join us for a conference call happening on Wednesday, March 30, at 8:30pm Eastern. 
RSVP to the Facebook event here.
(Phone: 712-775-7035; Access Code: 836715#)

In the meantime, email if you are interested. We can provide you with organizing guides and help with your questions.

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Youth Caucus Overwhelmingly Endorses Anticapitalist Amendment

Official Results of the Anticapitalist Amendment Vote:
Total Votes: 36
Yes: 94% (34 votes)
Not Sure: 3% (1 vote)
No: 3% (1 vote)
We had 3 members vote “Yes,” but a few hours too late.
Also, 10 non-members weighed-in “Yes,”
And, one non-member indicated they are “Not Sure”
One non-members optionally chose to indicate in the comment section that they would become Green if the Green Party adopted this amendment. (There have been other comments across social media from others to this end, as well. This amendment will certainly help grow the party.)
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YGUS Steering Committee Unanimously Rejects Capitalism; Endorses Economic Democracy Amendment To GPUS Platform

The Youth Caucus Steering Committee has unanimously endorsed a proposed amendment to the GPUS platform that rejects capitalism in favor of more sustainable, just, and democratic economic models, and also calls on all Young Greens to lobby their state’s National Committee members to vote to pass the amendment.

See the full text of the amendment here.
See the YGUS Steering Committee’s statement of endorsement below.
Contact us here if you need contact info for you National Committee members.

We are now asking the Youth Caucus to vote in a poll whether the caucus as a whole should co-sponsor the amendment alongside several other state Green Parties and GPUS caucuses.

Voting closes at 12am ET (midnight), Wednesday, March 16 (a 7-day voting period).

Endorsement Statement from the Steering Committee:

March 8, 2016

Exploitation of humans and the environment for the accumulation of wealth is literally setting the planet on fire. But it doesn’t have to be this way!

That’s why the Steering Committee of the Youth Caucus unanimously endorses the amendment changing the Green Party of the United States platform to explicitly reject capitalism and to assert our aspiration for a democratic economic system that is organized to meet human needs.  As the amendment reads, some call this decentralized system “ecological socialism,” “communalism,” or the “cooperative commonwealth.”

The the new platform plank is clear yet nonspecific because the future is ours to create. Young Greens must be on the forefront of our party and in our communities for the systemic change that is necessary to create the just, peaceful, sustainable, and democratic future we want. We must be unapologetic in asserting that capitalism is a system based on exploitation and wealth accumulation that, in addition to creating tremendous wealth concentration and poverty, has brought us the climate crisis that threatens life on earth.

We aren’t going to change the system overnight but we need to advocate for policies and projects that will bring political and economic decision making where it belongs, with the people. That’s what socialism and economic democracy are about: giving all of us a say in how our lives and society are run.

We need your help in the coming weeks. The amendment will be coming to a vote before the Green Party National Committee later this month. Please contact your National Committee delegates and ask them to vote YES on the ECONOMIC DEMOCRACY platform amendment (also known as the North Carolina Amendment). If you do not know who your delegates are and how to contact your delegates, please email for assistance.

We also welcome and appeal for your help in writing, researching, and compiling resources to help Greens, young and old, to advocate for economic democracy wherever we are.

#WeAreYoungGreens—we will continue to educate and fight for an economically just and democratic, Green future within the party, on our campuses, and in our workplaces nationwide, online, in the streets, and at the ballot box.


Christopher Cariad, Co-chair
Asher Platts, Co-chair
Ursula Rozum, Co-chair
Robert Smith, Co-chair
Joshua Steele Kelly, Treasurer
WIlliam Gunger, Secretary
Michael Trudeau, Delegate to the National Committee
Mike Dennis, Alternate Delegate to the National Committee

Youth Caucus Steering Committee
Green Party of the United States

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