YGUS Leadership

Elected January 2016


Ursula Climate MarchUrsula Rozum – Co-Chair

Ursula is based in her home town of Syracuse, NY. She began questioning the 2-party system while writing a paper on Agent Orange in the 10th grade. In 2012, Ursula won 22,000 votes (8%) in a three-way race for Congress. She has worked on several electoral campaigns, most notably managing Howie Hawkins 2014 campaign for NY Governor. She serves as Secretary for the Green Party of NY. Like most Greens, she is interested in a million issues, but especially health care as a human right, stopping the expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure, and ending the US’ imperialist policies that terrorize people around the world. She is adamant about list building and voter ID during campaigns. Ursula loves bicycles, local organic produce, her dog Kahlua, and salsa dancing. She can be reached at ursula(dot)rozum@gmail.com.

Asher Platts – Co-ChaAsher-Platts-Minimum-Wageir

Asher Platts is an artist, musician, and working class person living in Maine. He has served in a number of capacities with the Green Party over the years.  He was a candidate for State Senate, running as an pen ecosocialist with the Maine Greens in both 2012, and 2014, winning around 30% of the vote both times. He served as Chair of the Maine Green Independent Party from 2011-2014, the Steering Committee of the Maine Greens from 2010-2014, and the Platform Committee of the GPUS in 2009.  He presently serves as a Co-Chair of the Green Party Youth Caucus, and looks forwards to getting Campus Greens chapters up and running around the USA.  He’s totally down for the revolution, which is going to be hella intersectional. Asher can be reached at punkpatriot411@gmail.com.

Robert Smith – Co-ChairRobertSmith

Robert was raised in Frederick, Maryland and currently resides in Cumberland, Maryland. He spent four of his early years living in the Republic of Ireland, and has been traveling ever since. His journeys have included parts of Europe and North Africa, and he hopes to see more of the world. In addition to traveling, he is a writer who recently published his essay titled “The Politcs of Fear.” Robert is currently studying Political Science at Allegany College of Maryland, and is known to many as a “political junkie.” He has a passion for promoting social libertarian values and green economic policies; although, he mainly stresses the issues of electoral reform, campaign finance reform, and voting rights. To no surprise, Robert has been a Voter Registration Volunteer with the Maryland State Board of Elections (SBE).  He is currently working with progressives to organize Greens in Western Maryland. Contact Robert at robertesmith@usa.com, or at 240-385-9608.

Christopher Cariad – Co-Chair 775143_10153304257966770_8398299222662437213_o

Chris resides in his hometown of Paducah, Ky. In 2008 he took a course with the Earth Rights Institute focusing on land tax it is here where he discovered the Green Party. Since then he’s participated in numerous organizations such as: Kentuckians for the Commonwealth, Paducah Pride Organization/West Kentucky Pride, Kentucky Green Party, and opening a Kentucky branch to the Earth Rights organization. Chris has stayed active in his local community in discussing ideas with local leaders and sponcoring reforms to make the community move forward. In his spare time he is a published poet, a traveler, nature enthusiest and a deep reader. He focuses his political passions in tax reform, equality, the extension of democracy, and social programs that helps the community grow. Chris can be reached at chris@chriscariad.com or 1(270)816-8773. www.chriscariad.com


10376723_10153078626385967_3968997979284828094_n Joshua Steele Kelly – Treasurer

Josh grew up in Waterford, and he has dedicated his life to promoting social and political change. He currently studies at Wheaton College in Norton, MA, and is majoring in Political Science. At Wheaton he serves as the Head Delegate of the Model United Nations team, the Co-Pitch of the Gentlemen Callers, and as an Assistant to the Political Science Department. Josh currently serves as a Connecticut Delegate to the Green National Committee, as a Co-Chair of the Waterford CT Green Party, and he was elected to Waterford’s Zoning Board of Appeals as an Alternate in 2015. He is also an Eagle Scout. Contact Josh at joshuasteelekelly@gmail.com, or at 860-912-7624.


William Gunger – Secretary

William was born in Syracuse, NY. A student of political science at Alfred University, William first found an interest in politics when the New York State legislature began gathering votes for the Marriage Equality Act in 2010. As an intern for the Onondaga County Green Party, he worked on Frank Cetera’s campaign for Second District City Councilor for Syracuse. William strongly supports the grassroots movements of minority groups to secure their equal rights and civil liberties. Through the Young Greens of the US as their Secretary, William hopes to spread the messages of left-wing politics to as many people as possible. He can be contacted w2gunger@gmail.com.



Michael Trudeau – National Committee, Delegate

Michael Trudeau was first drawn to the Green Party in 2000 by Ralph Nader’s campaign while in college in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Like many of his generation, he became more radicalized politically after the bombing of Afghanistan and the invasion of Iraq. Now committed to building the Green Party in more ways than just voting, he lives outside Raleigh, North Carolina, and has been involved in his state Green Party for two and a half years, as well as the GPUS National Committee and the Jill Stein campaign. Michael edits books for a living and has worked on titles by Ilan Pappé, Simon Critchley, Julian Assange, Michael Löwy, Noam Chomsky, Kim Scipes, and other writers on the left. He serves as the Youth Caucus delegate to the GPUS National Committee and can be reached at mdtrudeau@gmail.com.

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Mike Dennis – National Committee, Alternate Delegate

As Alternate Delegate, Mike works in coordination with the Delegate to communicate the ideas, enthusiasm, and party vision of the Youth Caucus to the National Committee.  As a high school junior, Mike worked from the US House Floor as a page for the House Republican Caucus. Later, they assisted and managed capital offices for Democratic state legislators in Pennsylvania. Having worked intimately with both duopoly parties and seeing the corrupt system and ridiculous behaviour it inspires, they became involved with third-party politics and the Green Party. Mike is also involved in the North Carolina Green Party and the Lavender (LGBTQIA+) Caucus. He currently lives in Chapel Hill, NC, where he runs a yoga and wellness company. Mike can be reached at YGUSAlternate@gmail.com, or at 717-873-0588. Preferred pronouns: he/him/his or they/them/theirs.


All members of the YGUS leadership are volunteers, and are in no way monetarily compensated for their work. Elections for leadership positions are held annually. Please click here if you would like to run in the next election or fill a vacancy.