Ballot Access – Green Ballot Day

Join the Youth Caucus for Green Ballot Day!

Note:  Even if your state has already had their primary day, please still sign up to help with other opportunities to collect signatures and get on the ballot. 


Why Green Ballot Day?

In many states, Republicans and Democrats place high barriers for Greens just to get on the ballot—requiring as many as 90,000 signatures in a state like North Carolina before voters can even choose to vote Green.

While the two corporate parties want to limit the options of voters and perpetuate this electoral injustice, the Youth Caucus of the Green Party is determined to stage an intervention and break these oppressive barriers. Ballot access now!


What Is Green Ballot Day?

Green Ballot Day is the day or days  of the primary, caucuses, or general election in your state, or those of a state close to you where the Green Party needs to get on the ballot. What you do is collect petition signatures: you show up outside a populated voting precinct and ask registered voters heading into and out of the polls to sign the state party’s ballot access petition.

Whether they are registered Greens, Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, or independents, all are eligible to sign the petition, and most will be in favor of having more options if you simply ask them.

All states require that these signatures come from registered voters. Where’s the best and easiest place to find a concentration of registered voters? The polls on any election day.

In North Carolina, one person got 511 in one day staining outside a polling place. Many others got several hundred. 

 In some states with modest signature requirements, that means a few dozen volunteers could achieve ballot access for the Green Party in just one day!

How Do I Help?

Simply fill out the form at the bottom of this page!

Some state Green Parties already have ballot access. Greens in those states may want to travel to a nearby state to assist. Even so, please check your home state, as there may be other opportunities in the future in those states, such as canvassing for candidates at the polls—whether it’s a presidential, state, or local candidate or initiative.

Once you fill out the form below, the Youth Caucus either will put you in touch with ballot access leads who are organizing efforts in those states or we will help you research state requirements ourselves about gathering signatures in your state.

Are you organizing ballot access efforts in your state? Would you like to coordinate your local and state efforts with us? We can connect Youth Caucus members with you to help with your state’s Green Ballot Day. Please email Mike Dennis at