Platform Amendment Proposal – Posted 2/5/2016

UPDATE: The Youth Caucus overwhelmingly voted to co-sponsor this amendment to the GPUS Platform. 

The YGUS Steering Committee is currently discussing whether or not to endorse the following Platform Amendment Proposal.

We encourage you to download and read the full proposal:

GPUS Platform Amendment Proposal 1.1

We invite you to share your opinion on this decision by emailing the Steering Committee at gpusyouth@gmail.com or by commenting below.

We also utilize our Facebook group for discussions.

Here is an excerpt of the proposal:

“Greens seek to build an alternative economic system based on ecology and decentralization of power, an alternative system that rejects both the capitalist system that maintains private ownership over almost all production as well as the old narrative of state socialism that assumes control over industries without democratic, local decision making. We believe the old models of capitalism (private ownership of production) and state socialism (state ownership of production) are not ecologically sound, socially just, or democratic and that both contain built-in structures that advance injustices.

Instead Greens will build an economy based on large-scale public works, municipalization, and workplace and community democracy. Some call this small-scale, decentralized system “ecological socialism,” “communalism,” or the “cooperative commonwealth,” but whatever the terminology, Greens believe it will help end labor exploitation, environmental exploitation, and racial, gender, and wealth inequality and bring about economic and social justice.

Production should be democratically owned and operated by those who do the work and those most affected by production decisions. This model of worker and community control will ensure that decisions that greatly affect our lives are made in the interests of our communities, not at the whim of centralized power structures of state administrators or of capitalist CEOs and distant boards of directors. Worker-owned production, embedded in and accountable to our communities, provides an incentive for enterprises to make ecologically sound decisions in materials sourcing, waste disposal, recycling, reuse, and more. Democratic ownership of the means of production would decentralize power in the workplace, which would in turn decentralize economic power more broadly.”



One comment on “Discussion
  1. Michael Dennis says:

    I support this amendment and think the Green Party is in dire need of this economic platform clarification. In my own interactions, the party needs to separate itself from the predominant neoliberal tendencies of the Democratic Party while clarifying what sort of anticapitalist we support (ie. we don’t support state-centralized socialism/communism). I believe that a vast majority of Americans would support such a model–not capitalism, not state communism–if they could see it articulated and begin to be enacted. It gives power to the people–workers and municipalities–while having the possibility still of state projects that ensure the overall common good, which is needed in such a large country in the 21st century. This is a foundational proposal for the Green Party to build an intersectional coalition including workers and others who bear the weight of neoliberal policies and instead should have a key voice in how their communities are run. That’s why I think it’s important why the Youth Caucus to co-sponsor this amendment, which is already sponsored by the Latinx Caucus, and hopefully will be sponsored by other caucuses (Lavender, Black, and Women’s) in addition to various state parties.

    –Mike Dennis, North Carolina
    Alternate Delegate to the National Committee, Youth Caucus

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