YGUS Elections

Thanks for everyone who participated in the recent YGUS elections for the open seats of co-chair, treasurer, and secretary.

Using the standard Ranked-Choice Voting procedure of eliminating one candidate per round until a majority is reached–and reassigning people who voted first for an eliminated candidate to reassign their vote to their next-ranked candidate that is still under consideration. Abstentions do not count towards vote totals.

Congratulations to Alexis Hernandez, Ben Conover, & Sean Friend.

YGUS Co-Chair:

Round 3:
Alexis Hernandez – 36 ELECTED
Tyler Henderson – 35
Abstained – 9 (cumulative abstentions over 3 rounds)

See full results here: YGUS-Results

YGUS Treasurer:

Round 1
Ben Conover – 72 ELECTED
None of the Above – 4
Abstained – 4

YGUS Secretary:

Round 1
Sean Friend – 73 ELECTED
None of the Above – 4
Abstained – 3