Questionnaire for Presidential Candidates

There are 5 candidates running for the Green Party’s 2016 presidential nomination: Sedinam Kinamo Christin Moyowasixfza-Curry, Jill Stein, Darryl Cherney, William P. Kreml, and Kent Mesplay.

The Youth Caucus receives 2 delegates to the Presidential Nominating Convention to be held in Houston, TX this August. The membership of the Youth Caucus will vote in late March, and the delegates will be allocated proportionally.

We are creating a questionnaire to send to the presidential candidates on issues important to the Youth Caucus. These responses will be posted along with the announcement of the vote later in March.

Please submit your questions using the form below:


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Ideas for Starting Chapters of College Greens

Hello, YGUSers,

A huge Youth Caucus Steering Committee priority is looking towards is getting GP College Chapters up and running again. In the past couple months, over 30 members have signed up at and indicated they would like to start a chapter at their college. This is awesome!

So, we are looking for ideas and resources as put together a plan to help these and other chapters launch in the coming months. Let us know your ideas in the comments below or email us at

Some things that would help us:

1) Do you know of an already existing Young Greens / College Chapter in your state that we can outreach to?

2) Do you have any Green resources (FAQ pamphlets, position summaries, etc) that your state, local, etc utilize that we could look at and either also use or borrow parts or ideas from?

3) Do you have suggestions for good movies, books, articles for discussion to be used by chapters that reflect the 10KV. Or, have ideas about workshops/activites on Leftist or intersectional justice topics that could be good activities for Campus Green groups to sponsor (such as anti-racism training).

4) Do you know the person in your state’s Green Party who we can outreach to about doing a joint email blast? So we can advertise the Youth Caucus and opportunities for college Greens to each state’s membership?

5) Do you know who the best person in your state Green Party’s executive committee to be the contact person for future College Greens chapters? This way, they are seamlessly interfacing locally and not just with the Youth Caucus.

6) All the other ideas! We want to hear from you.

The YGUS Steering Committee greatly appreciates this as we put together our plan.

Mike Dennis
Alternate Delegate to the National Committee
Youth Caucus Steering Committee

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Green Ballot Day


The Youth Caucus has endorsed “Green Ballot Day” and encourages all of its members to read more and sign up here. In many states, the corporate parties put up barriers to keep third-parties off the ballot. Instead, Greens & the Youth Caucus will stage a political intervention to achieve ballot access. We will stand at the polls, gather signatures, and educate about restrictive laws keeping voters from all of their options.

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Caucus Discussions

The new YGUS Steering Committee is interested in hearing more from YOU! To get involved with caucus decision-making, please visit our new “Discussions” page. We’ll be posting updates periodically, so be sure to check in regularly.

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YGUS 2016 Election Results

The YGUS Steering Committee Elections have come to a close, and the winners have accepted their positions. The new YGUS Steering Committee is comprised of the following individuals:
Ursula Rozum, NY
Asher Platts, ME
Christopher Cariad, KY
Robert Smith, MD
Joshua Kelly, CT
William Gunger, NY
NC Delegate:
Michael Trudeau, NC
NC Alternate:
Michael Dennis, NC
Thank you to everyone that ran and voted in the election! The new Steering Committee aims to be much more active and engaged with the Caucus this year, so expect to hear from us soon!
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